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International Print Management Services

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You like to work with people from all over the world? that case, we have the right Job or Internship for you.


About HappyPrinting

HappyPrinting is an online printing franchise, headquartered in The Netherlands, Utrecht. We are currently active in 10 coutries, in 4 continents: United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, The Netherlands, Bulgaria, Japan, The Philippines, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico... and we continue to grow.

Our vision is to become a global network of local printing partners, based on 1 Brand and 1 Technology. We share our knowledge, our technology, our innovations and we offer our partners the best in class online printing solutions, services and innovations.

It’s our mission to help our (end)customers promote themselves and grow. We offer online printing services that will make our customers, suppliers, partners and employees Happy, every day - read our full story at

What do we offer? A great experience in an international e-commerce environment, a sector that is growing explosively. We are located in a nice office, with great colleagues all over the world and we offer good lunches, a good international experience and a great time.


Delivering at event location

'Improve SEO' Internship - Become a SEO expert!

Do you want to help us improve the SEO of our webshops globally? Learn more around the mysterious world of SEO? Start with our .nl webshop, do everything to get it perfect for Google to 'see'.

Your internship would be all about:

  • Analyse - Find what is not optimal, go page-by-page
  • Measure - Set-up measurments to see if we are making progress
  • Improve - Make needed changes to optimise the SEO
  • Go in-depth - You are not afraid to go into 'Inspect mode'
  • Work the Globe - Start with our .nl webshop and then work with our country partners to do the same for our other country webshops ('Google Translate is your friend')

Do you want to learn more about this 'Language vs. Technology' field of expertise? Join us and get experience with it.


Business and Promotional Products

'Drive our Social' Internship - Are you 'Social'?

How do you feel about bringing our Social presence and performance of the .nl webshop to the next level? Are you creative and active on social media? You know the trends and you want to take on this challenge? We can offer you an internship to get some solid experience in this.

Your internship would be all about:

  • Plan & Post - Plan our Social activities and use tools like Facebook MetaBusiness to post
  • Engage - ...and post extra, react, like to fully engage our followers and reach out to potential new followers
  • Grow - Set targets and track numbers of followers; set up interesting rebates, give-aways,... use Influencers and grow our Social network
  • Convert - In the end it is all about using this channel for Mareketing & Sales purposes, so gradually 'convert into sales'
  • Multi-Channel - You would be using FaceBook and Insta, but certainly also Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn are on the table

Do you want to learn more about how to grow a Social network? Get some solid experience and a lot of freedom to act? Join us and get experience with it.


Print Management Services

'Graphical Design' Internship - Let your creativity go...

Are you a Graphical Designer in 'Heart & Soul'? You live 'Design' and know the 'ins & outs' of the Adobe Suite to create the most beautiful designs? We have an oportunity for you to learn more what this job means in a global webshop setting and have internships that show you not only the 'Creative' part of this, but also the 'Business' part of this.

Your internship would be all about:

  • Understand - Listen to what is needed, what we want to accomplish
  • Ideate - Start being creative and come forward with ideas on 'how to do that'
  • Create - In Illustrator, InDesign, PhotoShop, ... create your 'Masterpiece'
  • Use - You'll also be involved in using what you created, on our website(s), in our newsletters, our social posts
  • Organise - Make sure that what you created can easily be (re-)used for other Brand Expressions, or in other countries by putting it in the HappyPrinting Brand Assets Repository

Do you want to learn more about what being a Graphical Designer all encompasses? Join us and get all-round and experienced in a global setting.


Business and Promotional Products

'3D Wowing' Internship - Can you 'Think 3D'?

Do you love to do amazing things in 3D? You live '3D' and know the 'ins & outs' to create the most beautiful 3D models? We have an opportunity for you to learn more how this is used in our global webshops and have internships that give you the opportunity to do amazing things with 3D and 'Wow' all our customers worldwide.

Your internship would be all about:

  • Create - Understand what is needed and build the 3D model (in e.g. Blender)
  • Map - Apply the right textures to the model and map also the Design of e.g. the Canvas to the model (both in e.g. Blender and in our Online Editor, PitchPrint)
  • Apply - In the webshop's Online Editor for the right product ... and show off your '3D Masterpiece' in a live webshop!
  • Test - Of course, you test all your 3D models so they show the customer 'What they really will be getting'
  • Organise - Make sure that what you created can easily be (re-)used for other countries by putting it in the HappyPrinting Brand Assets Repository

Do you know the tools? 3D is your passion? Join us and be part of the global HappyPrinting family.


Business and Promotional Products

'Order Manager' part-time - Can you 'Manage'?

Do you love print? Do you have experience as an Order Manager? We are looking for a part-time Order Manager. We can offer flexible hours and working from home is also an option. Our webshop would be your first priority, but also other (International) orders and dealing with our International Partners, can also be part of your activities.

Your job would be all about:

  • Help - E-mail, call, webchat, ... with visitors of our webshop
  • Handle - Take care of all the placed orders
  • Quote - Create Quotations for those '1-off' requests
  • Source - Work with our existing Production Partners to fullfill the order, or find new Sourcing opportunities
  • Follow-up - Handle the Orders from 'begin-to-end', from order placement to 'Track & Trace' messages
  • 100% Customer Happiness - Your goal: 100% satisfaction! In all ways... Webchat, e-mails, telephone, the delivered product, ... in short, 'the whole shebang' 

Do you know your stuff? Print is your passion? Join us and be part of the global HappyPrinting family.