How do you use print in your marketing strategy?

When we think of marketing, we mainly think of what we see or encounter online: social media posts, TV spots, electronic billboards and much more. That is especially recent. But, what about the use of print marketing, for example flyers or folders? Using print is still effective in any marketing strategy, we suggest 8 tips on how you should use print in your marketing strategy.

Using printed products is all the rage these days! Many companies use printed products to promote their brand in the market. Nowadays almost everything goes digital, which is why printed matter such as a flyer or brochure that you can hold is a good feeling. Flyers also update people with information. They last longer than a social media post or banner advertisement on a website and can easily be stored in a bag, drawer or box. Print also gives a sense of credibility and trustworthiness to your brand. In addition, they are cheap and easy to order and produce. Struggling with your design? Don't worry and read our blog on How to design your poster with 3 easy tips.

Here are 8 tips on how you could use print to market your brand, for example:

Tip #1 Improve the strategy

No matter how well designed your flyer, folded leaflet or brochure is, all the effort put into it will be ineffective if the product is not shown to the right people. Hand out flyers or brochures or place them in places where the right target group comes. It's a good idea to spread them out in areas where people are waiting for something or someone, such as train stations, concert reception areas, or dentist waiting rooms. Many people pick up a book or magazine and start reading to pass the time. So make sure that your flyers are also placed there.

Tip #2 Use banners and signs

A good old-fashioned banner or sign is a classic advertising method for businesses. It always manages to attract new and existing customers, especially when they are humorous and funny. Even if people don't enter your store now, they will remember the message or ad and maybe even spread it through word-of-mouth. For example, by taking a photo and sharing it on social media. A sign or banner is therefore literally the signboard of your shop or company.

Tip #3 Direct email marketing is key

Today, almost everyone is so used to emails that we don't even bother to read or open them. On the other hand, getting the mail delivered to your home has become more exciting and fun. It's the experience around it. You probably know the feeling that you are waiting for a package. You're just almost looking forward to it. People are 3 times more likely to take the time to read the flyer or brochure they receive through the door than digitally sent by email. So go out and throw the flyers through the bus! Design your own flyer here.

Tip #4 Take advantage of events and exhibitions

Events, shows and exhibitions are the best places to showcase the products and services to potential customers with the same interest as you. It is therefore the perfect place to network with new and existing customers. Anyone who attends trade shows or exhibitions is a potential customer. Before they move on to the next booth, hand over a business card, or brochure. Customers will remember you because of this. Moreover, the name of your brand is becoming more and more known.

Tip #5 Adding discounts and offers

Everyone likes a good deal. Include a coupon code in your flyer or insert a voucher between the pages of your brochure. Discounts not only increase the number of orders, but they also help the customer to save money. It's a win-win situation, who wouldn't choose that?

Tip #6 Supplement giveaways with a brochure or flyer

Giveaways are always an effective marketing strategy. People like free stuff. When you hand out your pen or sample hand cream, reinforce the message with a brochure or flyer. It doesn't matter that the potential customers are currently more concerned with the freebie than with the brochure or flyer. Once they get home, they will take the time to learn more about your business. Moreover, the story will stay with you, and potential customers can also read or retell the story at their leisure at home.

Tip #7 Establish relationships with neighbouring companies

Work out a deal with companies in the region, especially with companies in the same sectors in which you are currently active. Maybe you can have business cards, flyers, brochures or even merchandise in their store, and they can leave some in your store as well. In this way, their customers become your customers and vice versa. In addition, you can maintain good business relationships.

Tip #8 Complementary printing for digital marketing companies

You can use both print and digital as a marketing strategy to promote your business. Why not add a little teaser to the next email campaign about a flyer or gift coming through the door?

Include QR codes, social media channels and URLs in your print work. If customers want to learn more about your business, they can use it to visit the online channels. In this way, a brand can be easily promoted or made more known.

Including hashtags in your flyers, banners or posters is another good marketing strategy. People will be inclined to use it when they post online. The more people use the hashtag, the more the online presence will grow. Make sure you come up with a unique hashtag that no one else is using yet. This will make people refer the hashtag to your brand or company!

Print something that allows people to take photos, especially when there's a sale or event. People tend to take a picture of it and post it on social media. For example, everyone knows the frames or photo frames at festivals, with which a photo can be taken!


Try print products as part of your next marketing campaign and let us know if you need any help with your printed matters!

We print, you smile!