About us


Wow, what a service!


Our mission

It’s our mission to create printing experiences that will make our customers, suppliers, partners and employees happy, every day.


We print, you smile!


How do we do it?

We deliver a wide range of high-quality printed matter and promotional products at the best prices and with personal service. We differentiate ourselves through our focus on quality, knowledge of the printing industry, fast delivery and total service. Our website works on all mobile platforms and has a clear, intuitive and simple design. We claim that our ordering process is the easiest in the industry.

In addition, we offer a number of free services such as free file control and free delivery. The quality of our printed matter is always guaranteed, so that you always receive what you expect.


Our unique services

Happyprinting offers the following unique services:

1. Free file checking and free delivery

2. Easy ordering process, with the lowest amount of clicks

3. Personal service, face-to-face, via the phone or via e-mail  

No waste
From our experience we know that something can easily go wrong when ordering printed matter. As a result, a great deal of printed matter enters directly and unnecessarily into the waste container. We want to change that.
That is why Happyprinting has a "No Waste" policy. This starts with offering Free File Control and also the possibility to make an ISO Proof Print before you place the order. The chances of errors are therefore minimized.


Quality and Social Responsibility
Happyprinting guarantees quality. Our printing processes are ISO and our paper types are FSC certified. Paper is sources from recycled paper and responsibly planted trees. Happyprinting works from a socially responsible vision in which creating happiness stands central: for our customers, employees, suppliers and the environment.


Our experience
The people of Happyprinting have decades of experience in the graphics sector, at advertising agencies and at printing companies, as well as in the ICT sector, which ensures that the internet and process automation are optimally used. We know our ways in the field of offset printing, digital printing, signing and the development of good designs. We gladly help you to ensure that we always create a solution.

So, do you have a question? Email us, or call us and we will help you immediately!