Your brand expression or design on the best products, and all for the best price!

  • In full-color
  • Many different types & sizes
  • Free delivery

Please contact us and we'll work with you to get you what you want for the best price!

All sizes possible... We'll discuss with you... We'll supply to you...


We would appreciate it if we would get your print-files as follows:

  • With encapsulated fonts or the text in outlines
  • Full-colour (4/0 - 4/4) print-files always created in CMYK
  • When using PMS colours, please use Uncoated PMS colours
  • No use of transparencies, layers, and overprints and always with bleed
  • Images need a minimum resolution of 300 DPI
  • Borders will only be printed after written approval

See our Delivery Specifications for more details on how to deliver your print-file(s) to us.


We offer these products the way you want them and for that, we'll listen to your personal needs. We realize that everybody has different needs and that is why we have not yet offered this product fully configurable in our web-shop, but rather, we ask you to contact us and tell us what you want. We will listen to what you are looking for and will come back with a personalized offer.

We hope to hear from you... you can contact us by e-mail or just call us; see our contact page for the easiest way to contact us.



Gratis en blanco bezorging is een service die Drukspot graag levert.

free delivery

We ship for free and without label

Wij controleren vooraf op verschillende punten, zodat jij weet waar je aan toe bent.

free check-up

We check your print-files for free

Drukspot bied als 1ste in Nederland gratis proefdrukken aan als service naar haar klanten toe.

branded packaging

Your company logo on every shipment

5 dagen in de week, binnen 24 uur jouw drukwerk ontvangen.

next day delivery

24 hour delivery possible, from Mon to Fri